Working hard to produce a good product is the best way for a farmer to live and appraise the territory.

Boveri Luigi

Simplicity’s strength

“The wines I like to make? Those who are honest and sincere, who represent our territory” – Luigi Boveri
Our Winery is an entrepreneurial activity based in Costa Vescovato, on the hills near Turin. It extends on an area of 28 hectares where Barbera, Timorasso, Cortese, Croatina and Moscato are cultivated.

Thirty years of experience, courage and effort for a wine family that, together with other pioneer producers, has made the history of the Colli Tortonesi.

Till the 90’s the management was very traditional but since 1992, with the arrival of Luigi, that the method and production are completely revolutionized. in fact, since 1992, Luigi Boveri, grandson of the founder, with the help of his wife Germana decides to direct production exclusively towards viticulture, abandoning the cultivation of cereals and fodder.

“From those years began the oenology that I like, that of winemakers. Not the wine of the “farmer” not only the industrial one. A new Era began, that of wine made by a ‘craftsman of the land”.

The production is followed by constant updates and all those technological innovations that allow the transformation of the grapes into fine wines of great class. Since 1999 our Winery has been mentioned on the most remarkable Italian guides, leading the production of best high quality wines among the farmers community of the Turin highlands.


“We started from scratch, we really had nothing. The farm does not forgive, when she calls you must be there, so much so that we even had to cancel the honeymoon. Then the children arrived: we also took care of them, and of our elders. In these thirty years we have worked hard, but I would do it all over again”.

Germana Ciccotti, Luigi’s wife, is one of the architects of the success of our company characterized by a deep family tradition and passion.

Luigi and Germana produced the first label in 1992, today even his sons francesco, Matteo and Sara approach the world of wine and its production with passion.

” I am proud to be the wife of a farmer “ says Germana “because if there is an honest and highly revolutionary act, which a winemaker can do is” make politics ” through the production of excellent wines, which know how to tell and promote a territory. We know that we have a great responsibility: to leave our children an intact territory of value for their future. Also for this reason we carefully enhance the native Vines of the Tortonese Hills, such as Timorasso and Barbera, which tell what is unique about this territory”.