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Our vineyards

“Wine is made in the vineyard. When the grapes arrive healthy in the cellar, we must only be good at not ruining it”.

Luigi Boveri follows all the stages of wine production, from the care of the vineyards, to the practices of the cellar up to bottling. Our company extends on an area of 28 hectares: 10 hectares are used for cultivating the white grapes and 18 for red grapes.

  •  The 18 hectares re used for cultivating grapes of Barbera, Croatina, Bonarda.
    This soil is composed of 70% clay-limestone and 30% marly-limestone.
    The wines produced from these grapes are named Boccanera, Cassasa, Poggio delle Amarene.
  • The 10 hectares are used for cultivating the white grapes of Timorasso e Cortese and Moscato.
    The soil here, best for these type of grapevines, is composed of 80% marly-limestone and 20% clay-limestone.

Our company exports 50% of its wines abroad. The main market is the Netherlands for a 25%, then followed by Russia, Denmark, Switzerland, London, Norway, Finland and since last year also Hong Kong. The remaining 50% remains in Italy, mainly in Milan, Lombardy, Turin and Piedmont, followed by Florence, Modena, Rome and the surrounding territories.