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Our vineyards

The winery itself extends over an area of 28 hectares in the hills of the Costa Vescovato district and is divided in 18 hectares of dark-skinned grapes cultivation and 10 of white.

The 18 hectares vengono prodotti Barbera, Croatina, Bonarda used for dark-skinned grapes are dedicated to Barbera, Croatina and Bonarda cultivation where the soil is composed of 70% clay-limestone and 30% marly-limestone.
The wines produced from these grapes are named Boccanera, Cassasa, Poggio delle Amarene and Vignalunga.

The 10 hectares are used for cultivating the white grapes of Timorasso e Cortese and Moscato.
The soil here, best for these type of grapevines, is composed of 80% marly-limestone and 20% clay-limestone.