V i s i t s a n d t a s t i n g s

Y o u a r e a l w a y s w e l c o m e

We have always welcomed those who wish to learn more about our company, our family and especially our wines.

First in our house, then in the intimate atmosphere of the renovated old barn, and finally now on our terrace in front of the vineyards.We love to share everything with our guests and really get to know them, creating sincere and lasting relationships.

Therefore, it is possible to book, for individuals or groups, a guided tour of our farm. We will be happy to meet you and spend a few hours with you, between a glass and a chat.

Because, let’s remember, there is nothing more valuable to our work than the simplicity of a real meeting, a smile, and a good glass of wine together.

Where We Are

Our company is located in Montale Celli, a few kilometers from Tortona, in the province of Alessandria. We are located 30 minutes from Milan, 45 minutes from Genoa and 1 hour from Turin.

How to get there

From the freeway tollbooth of Tortona (A7 and A21) continue to the city center, at the traffic circle, take the 1st exit: EXSS35 / Strada Statale per Genova, after about 3 km looking to the left you will find the sign for Villaromagnano take SP130. Go through Villaromagnano towards Costa Vescovato. After 2 km of curves you arrive in Montale Celli.