" T h e w i n e s m a d e w i t h t h e h e a r t m a k e t h e d i f f e r e n c e , t h e o n e s w h e r e y o u p u t y o u r s o u l i n t o i t a n d i f t h e r e i s n o s o u l , n o t h i n g s h i n e s t h r o u g h i n w h a t y o u d o . "

Thirty years of experience, courage and hard work
for a wine family that, along with other pioneering producers,
has made history in the Tortonese Hills

“Wine is like the shot of a movie, it is one moment taken among billions of moments and it has to convey something because otherwise it has no soul, it is anonymous.”

– Luigi Boveri –

A z i e n d a A g r i c o l a B o v e r i L u i g i

Three Glasses Award
Gambero Rosso 2023
Top Wine - Slow Wine 2023


Corona Award
Vinibuoni d'Italia 2023:
Colli Tortonesi DOC
Barbera Poggio Delle Amarene 2019


O u r w i n e s


O u r w i n e c e l l a r

Our farm in total consists of 28 hectares. The farm fund is not a single body, but the land is divided in the municipality of Costa Vescovato: 18 hectares are red berry and 10 are white berry.


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